When you’re expecting.. an appointment with a speech pathologist!

If you’ve never been to a speech pathologist, or know of anyone who has, you probably have a few ideas (or none!) about what to expect.

First of all, we are fun and engaging. We will probably start off sitting on the floor (don’t worry, there are chairs for the parents) where we help the kids to feel comfortable through some games and have a bit of a chat.

We prioritise rapport and comfort for our clients, as we know that to get the most out of our time together we need to have a relationship. Most kids establish this pretty quickly with us (we have a few tricks and bribes).

After this, we find out what’s going on, and see what assessments we might need to complete and whether it’s appropriate to try them in the first time meeting the child.

We’ll get some info from the parents or carers and make a plan regarding assessment and/or therapy. All the while, we’re probably multi-tasking with a game and helping the child to see it’s not a big, or scary, deal to come and see us!

I had a chat here with Bree from PakMag a little more about it.

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